Tamilnadu Government
Agricultural Graduates' Association
Agricultural Graduates employed in the State Department of Agriculture and Agricultural College and Research Institute, Coimbatore formed an Association with head quarters at Coimbatore and got the same recognised as Agriculture Upper-subordinates Association on 08.08.1929. For effective functioning of the Association it was shifted to Chennai in 1967. The General Body Meeting was held at Trichy during 1969 and a set of Officer bearers were unanimously chosen.First State Level Conference was held at Nagapattinam in 1969 and second state conference was held at Dindigul in 1970 and the association prayed with government for according gazetted status to entry level agricultural graduates. Tamil Nadu Government recognising the stress in our prayer accorded gazetted status on 18.10.1972. The association was renamed as Tamil Nadu Government Agricultural Graduates Association (TAGA) and got recognised in 1973. The third state level conference was held at Chennai in 1973. The 4th State Conference and Diamond Jubilee was celebrated during 1991 at Chennai.

The association felt the need for an office at Chennai and a building was acquired in Sait Colony, Egmore in 1975 and christened as “Velanmai Illam”. The old building was demolished and a historical 3 storied building was constructed in 2005 and named as “TAGA Tower”.

Tamil Nadu Agricultural Service Association i.e., TASA was merged with our TAGA in 2009. In consequent to the restructure of the Agriculture Department and merger of TAGA and TASA necessary amendments were made to the bye-law of our association. Accordingly, all the Agricultural Graduates joined directly as Agricultural Officers and working in Tamil Nadu Government, Department of Agriculture and Sister Department vis-a-vis Department of Horticulture and Plantation Crops, Department of Agricultural Marketing and Agri Business and the Department of Seed Certification and Organic Certification. From Agricultural Officer upto the level of Additional Director of Agriculture shall be eligible to become the member of the Association duly paying the subscription.

Members Welfare
The Association felt that the welfare of our members is primary and initiated TAGA Benevolent Fund in 1986 with members contribution of Rs.250/- and harness relief of Rs.10000/- for diseased members family. The scheme was then revised with members contribution of Rs.1500 and harness relief of Rs.50,000 from the year 2000. The scheme was again revised in 2010 with members contribution of Rs.3000 and the harness relief of Rs.1,00,000.

A technical guide comprising all improved managemant practices for all crops, enforcement Acts and Rules and space for recording daily events and a Monthly calendar are printed and disrtibuted every year for the welfare of the members and farmers.

The association’s publication “Velanmai Seithikadhir” though commenced in 1975 was regularly published from 1987 onwards and this has played a vital role in information dissemination to the members and as a channel for the expression of members’ views. The association also rewards the wards of members who score high marks in Matriculation/10th and +2 examinations from 2002.

Public and Social Activities
The association apart from looking after the welfare of the members also involves in public, social activities and have been actively involved in conducting technical seminars on Agriculture technology transfer, eco-friendly agriculture technologies etc., The association also involved in conducting Blood donation camps and eye donation camps and especially rat eradication campaign.

The Association has evolved itself as an active member of the All India Federation of Agricultural Technologists.